Leo, Leo, Leo…what can I say? Leo is the King and Queen of the zodiac, of course! The Leo personality makes for a great leader because they know best on how to give love unconditionally and still have enough for themselves. Knowingly or not, many of us look up to someone who embodies the Leo personality and can not help but notice when they walk in a room. There is something about this personality that grants them the ability to radiate so much joy, warmth, and a sense of prosperity. It could be because their ruler traditionally and esoterically is the Sun.

The personality of Leo lives for fun, creativity, and ruling over their kingdom or queendom. They are a force to not reckon with because not only do they love hard, but they are SUPER protective. Another thing to know about the Leo personality is that they will see the jewel within you and amplify it, so if you are a shy person, be careful, lol.

The symbol of Leo is the Lion Leo
Unlike other signs like Aries, Gemini, and Libra, to name a few, the healthy Leo does not survive off of another person’s perspective. The Leo personality focuses on their own desires and brings them to fruition for all to see and enjoy with them.

In traditional and esoteric astrology, the Sun

Gold, orange, yellow, cream and red

Ruby to strengthen the Sun
Red Coral to strengthen Mars
Yellow Sapphire to strengthen Jupiter

If devoted to the Soul Path, Ray 1: Divine Will and Power

Original Ruler House
House 5 rules your creative expression, love affairs, projects, pleasure and more!

Leo Ascendant
If you have Leo as your rising or ascendant, your soul purpose in this life is to develop individual consciousness so that you know how to be a clear vessel for Divine Will and Power to your chosen community. You thrive in life off of your ability to love what you do and using information as a way to benefit others than just for the sake of knowing. Because of your natural ability to love and spread wisdom, you would be a great leader in your community and many would look to you for guidance. As you evolve, you will find that it is very important for you to understand who you are and put yourself in situations where you can shine and be effective with your calling.

Being an Occultist, Public server, Politician,  or Scholar would be a very fulfilling occupation for you.

Sun in Leo
Born: July 23- August 22
If you have your Sun sign in Leo, you have a personality that is fun loving, entertaining, warm, transformative, charismatic and protective. Because of fire being your element and fixed is your energy quality, you have a great ability to transform a disastrous situation into to something stable and useful. You care greatly about your appearance because you have a desire for others to see the best side of you so that you can receive the best side of them. It’s kind of like how the Sun interacts with the earth. When the Sun shines its light on the earth, the earth reveals its better self and allows all life forms to prosper. However, that is a fine line to walk and sometimes you can suffer from being self-conscious and project a persona that is not entirely the full story of what is going on in the inner life.

Moon in Leo
If you have Moon in Leo, your emotions tend to be amplified 1,000 times more compared to the person that would be next to you (unless they are Leo Moon as well), or so it feels that way. When anything happens that could potentially threaten your status of being, you feel it within your bones and will fight back if need be, especially if you are a lioness.  For you to feel emotionally secure, you need to have a creative outlet to release what is pent up inside of you and a highly expressive support group to go along with it. You need your entourage by your side as often as possible! So surround yourself with good, loving people who appreciate your creativity.

In esoteric astrology, the moon sign is known as the placement where your soul is hidden. Meaning, your recurring struggles in life are the shadows of Leo. Moon in Leo may struggle with being emotionally cold, indifferent, self-pity, and fears that are debilitating.

Whatever happened in the past may have triggered these qualities and are now in your subconscious memory. When under stress, the shadow of Leo tends to take over and create havoc in your emotional body, therefore, creating havoc in your physical reality. But know that you can overcome this by being mindful of what is going on with you emotionally and not instantly reacting to a situation out of instinct. Take the moment to stop and reflect.

You have the ability to jump over these emotional hurdles, that’s why you have Moon in Leo! 

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