Favor Simplicity | New Moon in Virgo 2017

It’s time to reflect and discern what is right for you because, on September 20, 2017, the moon will be 27 degrees in Virgo.

The Moon in Virgo represents a ripe time for you to own your Virgo power! Discern what is right for you and put yourself to work.

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To discern what is right for you, it requires time for self-reflection. Ask yourself what must you do to put yourself in service to you. Perfect timing for your New Moon ritual!  

The aspects 

The moon will be in opposition with Chiron 26 degrees in Pisces. Mercury (the ruler of Virgo) will be in opposition to Neptune retrograde 12 degrees in Pisces. As well as, a tense aspect to Uranus 27 degrees in Aries. Venus enters Virgo and by the end of the day, Moon will transition into Libra. Of course, there are more aspects taking place during the new moon, but these are the ones that jumped out at me.

The meaning of the aspects
Moon in opposition to Chiron in Pisces, expresses deep emotional wounds externalized. However, what’s found can forge a new path. Yes, it will be painful, but, you can get through this!

…and this is why.

Mercury being in its own sign, Virgo will give you an opportunity to analyze your wounds to find what is useful. Mercury will be in opposition to Neptune 12 degrees in Pisces. This aspect expresses a tendency to be lost in different perspectives of how to go about your new path. Or a tendency to be remarkably critical of your circumstance. Find a balance between the two so there’s a greater understanding. Although Mercury and Neptune are opposite energies, together, there’s a practicality. Devote yourself to find the balance.

Mercury will also be in a tense aspect (sesquisquare) to Uranus. This aspect shows a tendency to be stubborn to old ways of doing things instead of trusting your insight.

There will be a need to analyze your love life, relationships, and values because Venus will be in the sign of Virgo. Venus, the planet of love and pleasure spotlights the need to discern what is right for you. Ask yourself how can you relate to yourself and others with holistic intentions.

Lastly, the Moon will immediately be in the sign of Libra. This aspect gives the element of justice to what’s actualized. So get to work! 


How does this New Moon relate to the past Full Moon in Pisces?
The week of the Full Moon in Pisces, we were susceptible to emotional confusion. We had plenty of opportunities to gain perspective and surrender to the healing process. How this new moon ties to the past full moon is by simplifying. Discern what perspective is best to play with and devote yourself to it. Organize your priorities so that you can go after your goals deliberately.

>>Here’s the Full Moon in Pisces article if you missed it <<

What’s to come?

Everything is falling into place | Mercury will be out of retrograde zone 11 degrees in Virgo on 9/19
If you’ve been doing a lot of the groundwork, expect to see your plans flourish. If you haven’t, it’s never too late to start! Mercury (your intellect) will be at full speed and ready to give you the results from your hard internal work.

Don’t dig in the compost! | Pluto will finally go direct 16 degrees in Capricorn on 9/28
Pluto retrograde in Capricorn represents the destruction of our soul’s desires. It was a time to transform and allow the old foundation to die and the new to rise. Now that Pluto will be going direct, the rise is coming. Get prepared! Allow the old to completely decompose and allow the new to come in and fill your soul.

>> What is compost? <<


Here’s how to ground yourself for the New Moon

  1. Discern and simplify what is valuable to you, your relationships, and your life goals
  2. Set an intention that aligns you with your values
  3. Make time for what is valuable to you 
  4. Comment below to share what you will do during this new moon 😉 



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