Birth Chart Reading


Before we start with your consultation, I will need your birth time, date, and city. Preferably what is on your birth certificate since it is crucial to know what degree your moon sign is in and what your rising sign is.

Please send an email to

After I have received your information through email, I will notify you that I have received it and will send you a link for payment ($150.00 USD per session) Later, we will meet for the appointment on Google Hangouts. (After receiving your payment, information, and contacting you, I will need at the most 3 days to analyze your birth chart thoroughly, so that will be factored in when we appoint a day.)

We will start off with your top 3 concerns about your life and then dive into your full chart reading. We will cover your Rising, Sun, Moon sign and its aspects to see how it shapes your personality. Then we will cover the rest of your chart such as your life purpose, karmic destiny, potential legacy and more!

-LaToya C.<3


  • All Readings are confidential
  • Readings must be paid in advance to hold your session
  • 1 hr session is through Google Hangouts
  • 15-17 page PDF document of Birth Chart symbols meaning and aspects in bullet point form
  • Readings will be done with the given birth time, date, and city, and with the client’s understanding that if the information is incorrect, the reading will not be refunded.
  • Disclaimer: The astrological interpretation and counseling offered by LaToya Crick may complement but does not replace psychotherapy or traditional medical care. The information given highlights another way to view physical/mental wellness and spirituality. Please use your careful discernment.


    • Top 3 mentioned concerns about your life
    • Life purpose
    • Attitude toward finance
    • Mental/emotional nature and triggers
    • Emotional needs
    • Vitality level
    • Communication style
    • First impressions
    • Attraction
    • Life’s greatest lesson
    • Soul’s greatest desire
    • Potential legacy
    • Psychic abilities
    • Healing abilites
    • Creative abilities
    • Love style
    • Sexuality
    • Karmic Destiny
    • Areas of Spiritual Growth


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