The Soil Food Web

First, let’s start off with what are the components of soil. Soil comprises of sand, silt, clay, air, water, biology, and organic matter. With a perfect balance of these, there would be a lot to benefit from.

Of course there is chemistry and physics to soil, however, we will focus more on the soil’s microbiology since biology is my main love. ❤

What is the soil food web?
The soil food web is the community of organisms that live all of their life in the soil and supports all life on earth. They are mostly microscopic, and most of the time is treated poorly because of the out of sight, out of mind mentality that we all suffer from, unless, you’ve been working on becoming more conscious of the life that is around you and how you affect. Great for you if this is the case!!

The soil food web comprises of bacteria, fungi, protozoa, nematodes, and arthropods. Each microbe plays an important role in the living system either that be immobilizing or recycling nutrients and requires the soil to be structured, ventilated, and moist.





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