“Latoya is wonderfully intuitive and wise, and will probably have a following soon. ”
E.Kei, Iowa City, IA

“Absolutely phenomenal and scary accurate in the best way possible! I will definitely be coming back for more reports and referring her to everyone I know! I recently purchased astrological services from Latoya, and let me tell you I was flabbergasted on how one person could know so intimately and with such pinpoint accuracy the fine details of our life by just using astrology! It was like looking into the most Divine mirror. So shocking and amazing! Not only did she make me feel safe and secure, I also understood with excellent ease the information she was giving me. She really knows how to channel massive amounts of information into a detailed report, and still make it comprehensive for anyone to understand. What made the experience enjoyable for me is the absolute comforting feeling I got from her! I couldn’t believe how reassuring the reading was. Everything within the report had solidified my assumptions on our personal situation which left me in awe. She truly radiates kind, loving energy and takes care of the client like they were a part of her own family. I also appreciated the full detailed PDF file she sent to my email along with the reading. So not only did I get an intimate look into our situation from an outside perspective, I also received a beautifully written PDF file I can keep on my person and study further. She answered all my questions with absolute confidence, and never once that I feel like I was paying for a service. Overall it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life and I’m grateful that I took the leap of faith and got a reading by Latoya.”
 Knowles, Richwood, TX

“This is awesome! I was really looking for some insight for a few things and coming to this site really helped and opened my eyes to a lot of things I didn’t know I needed to know?! Getting in contact with her was really easy and setting up an appointment date and time came through! She really worked with me with my schedule in order to do my chart reading! She has great energy and never a dull moment! I suggest to come here for anything astrology or soil related! I’ll be sure to tell my friends about her also! And again, Thank you So much! Blessed be.”
-C.Brown, Clute, TX